The vision for The News 101 was born when Arren Asuncion wanted to know what was going on in the world.  The problem was that he could only watch tv news that is broadcast  during certain hours of the day and listen to local news radio that mostly provide local news.  What’s more, he could only listen to the radio during the 45 commute to work.  Arren wanted another way to find the news that did not involve radio or television.  With a background in computers, the solution was clear — the internet.  Soon after, The News 101 was born.  Arren contacted his network of friends throughout the country and found the ones who had the same thirst to know the current events.  He brought them together to form The News 101 team.   Our goal is simple.  We want to bring you the latest breaking news that you want to know.

Today, our staff is comprised of 7 writers who have passion in the each of the categories they have chosen.  Our mission is to provide high quality news stories and a high quality user experience.  So please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions so that we may bring you the best news.

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