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Yellow Sac Spider Shows Up In 2008, 2009 Honda Accord – Technical Service Bulletin Released

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 March, 2011

Yellow Sac Spider Shows Up In 2008, 2009 Honda Accord - Technical Service Bulletin Released

The yellow sac spider is showing up in 2008-2009 Honda Accords.  This is just 6 days after Mazda recalled over 52,000 of its vehicles because of the 8 legged creature.

Now Honda is reporting that the yellow sac spider is also appearing in the Honda Accord.  The spiders create the same problem by spinning their webs in the vent hose of the evaporative canister .  When the vapors build up, the emission system is triggered to vent the canister.  This causes the computer to illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).  In the Mazda cars,  the blockage by the spider webs creates an abnormal excess vacuum in the fuel tank. Repeated exposure to the vacuum causes stress on the fuel tank and could cause it to crack, leak fuel and present a fire hazard.  This does not occur in the Honda.

Honda spokesperson, Chris Martin theorizes that the spider may be getting in between the gaps in the fuel cover door. The gaps are present so that moisture and dirt do not get trapped behind the door. From there, the spider can proceed down the evaporative canister vent tube to spin its web.

There is no official count of how many times Honda has seen this problem, but it has been seen mostly in the 2008, 2009 year Honda Accord.

Honda has not recalled any Honda Accords, but they released a technical service bulletin to all dealers so that they are aware of the problem.  (TSB 08-087). The repair consists of cleaning the vent host or drain box and installing a spring in the drain box.

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Jani G “Get Fb Ads Free” Review – Selling Out Fast

Posted by on Sunday, 6 March, 2011

Jani G - Get FB Ads Free Selling Out Fast

 – Jani G launched Get FB Ads Free on March 3 and it is selling out fast. Over 5,700 units have be sold within a three day period.

The problem that beginner marketers face is getting consistent amount of targeted traffic.  Get FB Ads Free gets marketers targeted traffic without writing articles or following SEO traffic strategies. It is hard to compete with the big advertising companies out there because of your limited funds and the old way of doing things simply do not work or take enormous amounts of time.

Some of the ways you may have tried getting traffic are PPC, SEO, writing articles, PPV, banner advertising, Twitter, and blogging. This system has nothing to do with those methods.

Alex and Jani G actually figured out how to make a killing while keeping the viewer on Facebook and are finally revealing how they have been doing this for years.

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Jani G Launches “Get FB Ads Free” – Review

Posted by on Friday, 4 March, 2011

Jani G - Get FB Ads Free

The Get FB Ads Free software and training video was released yesterday by Jani G.   It is a 100% legal way to get Facebook Ads for free and does not involve anything sketchy.

For marketers, it is common knowledge that paid traffic is the best kind of traffic.  It will convert the best and sends hits to your website instantly.

One of the best paid traffic sources is Facebook.  However, Facebook  has become so huge that the big advertisers are advertising on Facebook. This drives up the price of advertising.  This scenario makes it very risky and expensive to pay for traffic unless you have a good system or business plan.

The Get FB Ads Free system gives the marketer another solution to the problem of getting highly targeted traffic to your website or affiliate website. The system Jani G teaches does not bypass the normal FaceBook Ads billing process, but it does involve a smart way of advertising. 

Although the details cannot be disclosed here, Jani G made an exclusive video you can watch by clicking the link below:
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Yellow Sac Spider Causes Problems For Mazda 6 – Cars Recalled

Posted by on Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Yellow Sac Spider - Photo By Richard Bartz

 – The yellow sac spider is causing problems for the 2009-2010 Mazda 6 automobiles.  These spiders have been found spinning webs in the evaporative canister vent line of the 4 cylinder cars.   This could cause the line to be blocked and cause vapors to build up in the canister.

The Mazda emission-control system will remove the vapors accumulated in the canister, but if the vent line is clogged by the yellow sac spider web, the process creates an excessive negative pressure in the fuel tank.  

The repeated exposure to negative pressures could cause the tank to fail, fuel to spill and create a fire hazard.

It is unknown how the spiders are getting into the vent line.

Mazda is recalling over 52,000 of its vehicles because of the spider threat. There have been 20 incidents of the yellow sac spider, but none have resulted in fires.

Notification of the recall will be sent out to owners in a few weeks.   The repair will consist of cleaning and replacing hoses and replace the fuel tank if it is compromised.

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Guitar Hero Will Not Be Released In 2011

Posted by on Thursday, 10 February, 2011

Guitars Used To Play Guitar Hero

 – Today Activision announced that it will not be releasing a 2011 version of its wildly popular game Guitar Hero. It will also be disolving the franchise’s business unit.

Activision’s publishing chief Eric Hirshberg told financial investors, “Given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs associated with this genre, we simply cannot make these games profitably based on current economics and demand. Instead, what we’ll do is focus our time and energies on marketing and supporting our strong catalog of titles and downloadable content.”

This news does not necessarily mean that the game won’t make a resurgence in the future.

Jesse Divnich, an analyst with Electronic Entertainment Design and Research said, “I wouldn’t classify Guitar Hero as ‘dead,’ but rather ‘hibernating. It may take three to five years, and likely a whole new generation of consoles, but I see a possibility of a short revival in the future.”

From its debut in 2005 until 2009, Guitar Hero grossed more than $2 billion in revenue. It’s popularity also spawned Hero spin-off games such as DJ Hero, Band Hero, and versions including Metallica and Van Halen.

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Posted by on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011

 –, and iPad news application from The New York Times, is available for consumers to preview today. The app will present news to consumers in a social network style. An official release date has not been set.

Articles presented to each consumer will be customized. They will be pulled from articles that are being read by people that a consumer is following on Twitter, and with contenct from links. The company that is helping The New York Times build this latest news application is betaworks, who also runs the URL shortener. will not have advertising. It will be sold as a subscription, but with a Flipboard feel without the accompanying ads.

On the heels of the announcement, News Corps’ hosted an event to launch The Daily-its news publication exclusively for the iPad. The cost is $0.99 per day, and content will include original work from News Corps’ staff writers.

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Toyota Puts 1.7 Million Cars On Recall

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

Lexus IS - one of the many cars to be recalled

 – This morning Toyota Motor and the Transport Ministry announced that Toyota will be recalling almost 1.7 million vehicles worldwide because of a fuel leak risk. 1.2 million of these are in Japan and 421,000 are in other overseas countries.


In a statement, the ministry said, “Slight cracks may appear on the engine fuel pipes. If it continues to be used, the crack may be widened and there may be risks of fuel leakage.” So far there have been 140 cases reported in Japan, however, no accidents. 

The ministry also said that 19 models in Japan made between 2000 and 2009 will be affected. The recall will include approximately 245,000 Lexus models in the United States, and 74,590 Lexus and Crown models in Japan. 

This recall comes on the heals of another major one last year that involved brake and accelerator defects. Shares in Toyota fell 1.7% after the news today. 

Toyota had just announced on Monday that its sales were up in 2010, allowing the company to keep its title as the world’s biggest automaker.

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GoDaddy To Unveil New Spokeswoman

Posted by on Sunday, 16 January, 2011

Danica Patrick a spokeswoman for GoDaddy Photo By Manningmbd

– GoDaddy, a domain provider company based in Scottsdale, AZ, will announce it’s newest face in an advertisement that will air during the Super Bowl. In an effort to popularize the already growing .co Internet domain, GoDaddy will present the Girl to television’s biggest audience.

“Our new Girl is already a big name, but after this Super Bowl commercial, she’s going to be in a whole new realm,” said CEO Bob Parsons. The Girl will join race car driver Danica Patrick and famous fitness trainer Jillian Michaels as spokeswomen for GoDaddy.

While the company has not revealed how much the coveted airtime cost, estimates for commercials during the Super Bowl this year are $2.5 million for 30 seconds.

Worldwide registrations of .co have reached about 600,000, with 250,000 of those under GoDaddy’s cap. The annual fee to register and use a .co domain via GoDaddy will be $29.99.

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No Scienctific Evidence To Back Power Bands

Posted by on Wednesday, 5 January, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal attested to their effectiveness

 – Australian authorities have accused the California based company, Power Balance, of fraud. Power Balance manufactures and sells colorful silicone bands that supposedly improve strength, balance, and flexibility. The bracelets and necklaces have become extremely popular among professional athletes, actors, and the general public. Shaquille O’Neal, David Beckham, Lamar Odom, Robert De Niro, and Gerard Butler have all attested to their effectiveness.

But in light of the accusations, Power Balance has admitted that there is no scientific evidence behind their claims of better performance. It instead said that it relies on the testimonials of famous athletes and other users to confirm the bracelets’ effects. It also revealed that it has compensated athletes such as O’Neal and Odom for the right to show pictures of the athletes wearing the bands.

Power Balance released this statement, “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims.” But it also tweeted this remark, playing off the word ‘admit’: “Power Balance Admits products have been worn during the last world series, nba finals and super bowl champions!” The company also agreed to give refunds to customers who believe they were cheated.

Power Bands sold $8,000 of the $29.95 bands in it’s first year of operation, 2007. It expects when figures are accumulated for 2010 that sales will exceed $35 million.

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ComScore Reports That Canadians Are The Largest Group Of Internet Users In The World

Posted by on Wednesday, 29 December, 2010


– According to comScore, a measurement company, Canada has the highest percentage of web access in the world, at approximately 68%. Comparatively, France and Britain are second with 62% of the population having internet access. Germany is third with 60%, and 59% of Americans currently go online. In last place is Italy, where only 36% of Italians surf the web.

ComScore has also reported that Canadians spend more time online than any other nation. The national average is 504 hours per year. In 2009, it was 480 hours. They also view about 441 videos on YouTube and similar sites per quarter.

51%, or 17 million Canadians, have Facebook accounts, and Twitter is also very popular. But despite these figures, Canada is still behind America when it comes to ‘smart TV.’ Google TV and Apple TV haven’t debuted in the country yet, and Netflix hasn’t been there for long.

This is strategic, however. Canada is debating whether to regulate the internet or not, while at the same time major cable and phone companies buy up the large TV networks. They are doing so in order to offer TV across multiple digital platforms to Canadians before the large American competitors move in.

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