Listed below are our main writers for The News 101. If you wish to contact one of our writers,  please e-mail them by using their first name and then adding

Ina Godfrey
ina [at]

Ina is our entertainment journalist. She is an avid movie goer and stays current with the news on stars and celebrities on the big screen and on television.

Misty Crappell
misty [at]
Misty has spent 8 years as an accountant. On her spare time, she is a “mother” to a house full of exotic animals and also moonlights as our financial news journalist.

Arren Asuncion
arren [at]
Arren is a webmaster and marketer for numerous websites.  Although he is not a professional journalist, he continually contributes good news articles for marketing.

Sadie Williams
sadie [at]

Sadie works as a private Spanish instructor.  She is dedicated to helping people obtain a high level of fluency in the Spanish language. She is our journalist for our education news column.

Brett Fangi
brett [at]
Brett is an experienced journalist and lives and breathes sports.  If he is not playing sports, he is reading and writing about the latest news in sports. Look for his news articles in the sports section.

Ben Dorman
ben [at]

Ben likes to stay on top of technology. He enjoys reviewing anything from gadgets to gizmos.

Alan Green
alan [at]
Alan is an seasoned businessman working in the field for many years. He helps businesses obtain venture capitalist funding.  We are pleased to have him write news articles for business on his spare time.

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