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Yellow Sac Spider Causes Problems For Mazda 6 – Cars Recalled

Posted by on Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Yellow Sac Spider - Photo By Richard Bartz

 – The yellow sac spider is causing problems for the 2009-2010 Mazda 6 automobiles.  These spiders have been found spinning webs in the evaporative canister vent line of the 4 cylinder cars.   This could cause the line to be blocked and cause vapors to build up in the canister.

The Mazda emission-control system will remove the vapors accumulated in the canister, but if the vent line is clogged by the yellow sac spider web, the process creates an excessive negative pressure in the fuel tank.  

The repeated exposure to negative pressures could cause the tank to fail, fuel to spill and create a fire hazard.

It is unknown how the spiders are getting into the vent line.

Mazda is recalling over 52,000 of its vehicles because of the spider threat. There have been 20 incidents of the yellow sac spider, but none have resulted in fires.

Notification of the recall will be sent out to owners in a few weeks.   The repair will consist of cleaning and replacing hoses and replace the fuel tank if it is compromised.

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Essen Motor Show Comes Back To Germany

Posted by on Saturday, 20 November, 2010

–  Essen Motor Show is the largest motor show of Germany running for nine consecutive days. It will be held from 27th November to 5th December, 2010. The show is going to be organized in the Essen Exhibition Centre in Germany. It will be exclusively showcasing the latest technology in the autos, motors and related products in the Automobile industry.

Essen Motor Show will display the largest gathering of sport bikes and cars, focusing on the new automotive technologies and trends. It will provide a good platform for German automotive components industry and automotive engineering as the show attracts a lot of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Various companies from Germany as well as from the other countries can come together and discover latest trends and information about the automotive industry.

As an extravagant show opener on the very first day of the show, an outdoor event has been planned by the organizers in which drivers and cars from different race circuits will be presented live for the audience. The Dare Devil Drivers in the motor show this year are bound to take the audience’s breath away. The “pit lane” will once again be the central meeting point for active drivers, fans, sponsors, and race event organizers.

Just to satisfy passionate car-crazy fans, some rare and antique cars will also be on display in the especially organized “Classic Cars” exhibition area at the show. This year will also witness the special exhibition organized by Alpha Romeo in celebration of its 100 years.  Mercedes-Benz will also have an exhibit on 100 years of the legendary super sports car from the brand with the star.

The Essen Motor Show will also present numerous innovations for even more driving pleasure and fun. Members of the VDAT Verband der Automobil Tuner [Association of Automobile Tuners] will show what their cars are made of in the noble ambience of the “VDAT Tuning Salon.”

Along with the exhibitions and trading, the show also offers various performances, test rides, bike and car races and lots of information about the latest trends and new technologies in the Automotive Industry. Many renowned automotive companies will be participating in the show as exhibitors. Some of them are Hyundai, SONAX, Skoda, JOM, ELIA, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

In past also, Essen Motor Show has proved to be the best meeting point for the automotive industry and the buyers and importers of the automobiles across the world. The show provides business at its best. Here, the companies can make direct contacts with the end customer and can present the new products for the coming year. The show witnesses a large number of audiences in its each session. Essen Motor Show is one of the best events of the world, organized on automotive industry.

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