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Top English Squash Players Put On Exhibition In The Streets Of London

Posted by on Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

Squash Raquet - Photo By Kaparycha Konstantin

 – Some of England’s best players exhibited their best moves on an Urban Court today in London. They showed off trick shots, skills and played games for passersby, local children, and the media on a court created by using the natural walls surrounding a well known skate park in London’s South Bank. They did so to help build excitement for the upcoming ATCO PSA World Series Squash Finals in January. Usually the skate park is filled with boarders and bikers.

Players Nick Matthews, Peter Barker, Daryl Selby, James Willstrop and Joey Barrington were accompanied by DJ Grainger and professional graffiti artists. This was the first event in a series designed by the Professional Squash Association to garner more interest in the Squash Finals.

The Finals are scheduled for January 11-15 at Queen’s Club in London and will be attended by the world’s top male players and the United Kingdom’s best female players.

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Get To Know Your Extinct Ancestors

Posted by on Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

 – A new film is being released in London today, November 30th, but it’s not your standard run-of-the-mill entertainment. Rather, it’s an interactive movie that provides audience members with a chance to participate, and learn about evolution at the same time.

The film is titled ‘Who do you think you really are?’ and is being presented at London’s Natural History Museum in the Attenborough Studio. It is being characterized as an augmented reality spectacle and actually utilizes interactive touchpads given to each audience member.

Presented by David Attenborough, gives the audience a chance to watch virtual dinosaurs wander the floor in front of them, and provides a unique look into our physiological attributes shared with other animals and our common ancestors.

Much of the information in the film is derived directly from the museum’s collections and it’s scientists, so the material is informative and fact based, rather than a sci-fi spectacle for entertainment purposes only.

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