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Sun Bowl Players Forbidden to Visit Mexico

Posted by on Monday, 27 December, 2010

Sun Bowl Stadium

– The 77th annual Hyundai Sun Bowl will be played this Friday at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas, and the teams from Notre Dame and Miami have just arrived in town to prepare. But because of the El Paso’s proximity to the Mexican town of Cuidad Juarez, coaches for both teams are taking extra precautions to keep their players safe. No players will be permitted to cross the border during their free time.

The coach of the Fighting Irish, Brian Kelly, has taken his team’s passports, and the Hurricanes weren’t allowed to bring theirs either. Local law enforcement and the FBI meet with the teams shortly after they arrived in El Paso last night to educate the footballers about the perils of crossing the border.

Cuidad Juarez is in the middle of a drug war. Officials have estimated that more than 3,000 people have been killed this year alone, with the vast majority of all crimes in the city never even being investigated.

Fans from both schools are also being urged to be extra cautious. The Sun Bowl sold out in 21 hours this year.

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Cargo Trains Still Blocking Rail in Mexico

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

 – On Monday two trains carrying chemicals brushed against one another and derailed in the State of Mexico. No one was injured in the accident, and no harmful substances leaked out. The trains are owned and operated by Ferrocarril y Terminal Ferroviaria del Valle de Mexico. After the trains derailed, they fell onto a commuter rail and have remained there, blocking the line.

After inspection, Ferroviaria believes the accident was caused due to a break in the trains’ brake lines. This may have occurred because of vandalism. This is the first accident that Ferroviaria has has since it became a privatized company in 1995.

Ferroviaria is owned and operated by mining firm Grupo Mexico SAB, Ferromex and Ferrosur, Kansas City Southern de Mexico, and Mexico’s Communications and Transport Ministry. Based in Mexico City, it operates out of a 39-hectare cargo terminal and runs 30 trains.

Commuters into Mexico City have been forced to crowd onto trains using one line, instead of the usual two, while cargo traffic has suffered only minor delays. Ferroviaria expects to have the trains removed and all lines operating by some time today, but has warned passengers to expect delays.

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