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Geoaching Attracts Hundreds To Bowling Green, KY

Posted by on Sunday, 28 November, 2010

– Geocaching is bringing more and more people outdoors.  According to operations Supervisor at Lost River Cave and Valley, the log book of visitors climbed to over 430 signature. Geocaching is becoming a sport where people bury containers anywhere in the world for others to find.  To find the containers (or cache), you are given a set of coordinates that you can plug into your GPS Global Positioning System.

Geocaching combines the world of hiking with the technology of GPS and is likened to a treasure hunt or a game of hi-tech hide and seek. You can use your smartphone with GPS or use standalone GPS units such as Magellan. 

To get started with geocaching, visit  There you can find coordinates for caches or post coordinates for caches of your own.

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Outdoor Adventure Expo Brings Together People Who Love The Outdoors

Posted by on Sunday, 17 October, 2010

Minneapolis, Minn.– PrimaLoft , manufacturer of premier synthetic insulation for outdoor gear, is sponsoring the 51st Bi-Annual Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo where outdoor enthusiasts will flock to learn about outdoor adventure and gear up for winter.  

Held on November 19-21, the Expo takes place in Minneapolis, Minn. at Midwest Mountaineering. The Outdoor Adventure Expo is designed to bring together a network of people who love the outdoors. Seventy exhibitors representing outfitters, resorts, manufacturers, magazines, outing clubs, environmental groups, trail associations, ski race promoters, and more will showcase themselves to adventurer-seekers, giving them tips on places to go and connection them with others to go with.

Over 90 outdoor adventure presentations will be offered, free of charge, to over 8,000 passionate outdoors people. The presentations will feature silent sport winter activities that range from “choosing cross country skis” to major expedition slide shows and films.

Featured speakers include Eric Larsen, fresh off his one year expedition to the North Pole, South Pole and the summit of Mt. Everest; Dean Potter sponsored by prAna, “Embracing Insanity” where Dean flies with a wing suit from 5,000 foot cliffs after climbing them solo and ropeless; Mike Link and Kate Crowley, back from a 1,800 mile walk around Lake Superior; Stephen Regenold- The Gear Junkie, “The top ten gear awards for 2010.”

Rod and Sharon Johnson will talk about their trek to Machu Picchu via two new, just unearthed, Inca ruins. Greg Briening presents “A Hard Water World: Ice Fishing and Why We Do It.” Keith Heger will show his North and South Pole movies and slides (sponsored by NOLS); Sevve Stember will present a first ascent in Yosemite Valley and Chris Niskanen talks about his book: Prairie, Lake, Forest: New adventures in Minnesota’s state parks. More presentations TBA.

Admission to the event is free. To find the expo, look for big-top tents at 309 Cedar Ave. South behind Midwest Mountaineering and across the street at the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus auditoriums.

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