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‘Texas on the Brink’ Report Released

Posted by on Wednesday, 16 February, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry

 – Yesterday Democrats in Texas released a report that shows the state is behind many other states in several categories in providing services to its residents. The report, titled “Texas on the Brink,” directly disagreed with Governor Rick Perry’s portrayal of the state as one of the most successful in the country. Statistics included in the pamphlet, also available on the Internet, show that Texas is well below other states in such categories as education, per capita income, quality of life, and health care.

In categories related to education, Texas is last or close to the bottom. It ranks 50th in the country for the percentage of people over 25 that have a high school diploma, at 76.9%. The Lone Star State has the highest percentage of people that are uninsured at 28%, and fourth highest percentage of its population living below the poverty level at 17.3%.

Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, said, “We’re not in the bottom in every category. We’re first in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and first in carcinogens released in the air. If we don’t do something to reverse course, the health of Texans will be jeopardized by merely breathing our state’s air.”

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GE Chief Executive Gives His Annual Outlook

Posted by on Friday, 17 December, 2010

Jeffrey Rimmel - Photo By SarekOfVulcan

 – Just a year ago, General Electric Co. made a huge dividend cut to conserve cash, losing it’s much cherished triple-A credit rating. But this year, the company has steadily been making a comeback. GE just announced its second increase in dividends in just five months. This news comes as a great relief to GE investors.

“It’s more fun to be here today than it was two years ago,” said Chief Executive Jeff Immelt as part of his annual outlook. “Things are definitely getting better. We see across the portfolio things getting better,” he continued.

Mr. Immelt said that GE will buy back the $3 billion in preferred stock it sold to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (owned and run by Warren Buffet) by October to give GE some liquidity during the financial crisis.

Revenue is expected to rise approximately 5% next year in GE’s industrial businesses. It has been flat in 2010. GE’s growing industrial businesses include health care, transportation and services. Wind power sales and operating earnings are likely to fall due to higher research and development costs.

GE reported revenues of $110 billion for Jan through September of 2010, down 5% from Jan-Sept of 2009. The $7.1 billion in profits from that time period is also down from last year approximately 11%. But while analysts expected a drop of 4% for 2011, GE says revenue may actually be flat to up by 5%.

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Digital Learning Council Announces Findings In Report On Digital Learning

Posted by on Thursday, 2 December, 2010

 – The Digital Learning Council has just released a report recommending many widespread changes in state education. The council’s report entitled ’10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning’ includes many policy modifications, the biggest of which are overhauling funding models for public schools, directly linking educators’ pay to students’ success, and getting rid of seat-time requirements. This would allow schools to be judged on results rather than inputs such as class size.

The council is lead by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and formed West Virginia Governor Bob Wise. The report examines how digital learning can encourage and be a catalyst for school reform. It purports further growth for the use of digital and multimedia content in education. It also suggests that students be allowed to choose among multiple learning providers.

While the report calls for ending many of the regulatory restraints that stifle the development of innovative options, there is actually very little data included in it that ensures that innovation actually leads to more high-quality educational options.

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