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Under Armour Inc. Increases Sales Projections

Posted by on Thursday, 27 January, 2011

 – In a statement today, Baltimore based sportswear maker Under Armour released figures that place sales at $1.35 billion this year. Numbers in October suggested sales of $1.29 billion for 2011. Last year the company surpassed $1 billion for the first time.

The expected sales increase will be due in part to Under Armour’s first line of cotton performance T-shirts, Charged Cotton, which will begin shipping in February. Chief Executive Officer Kevin Plank said the shirts will sell for $25. In the past Under Armour has painted cotton as the enemy in order to promote its synthetic apparel line.

According to Michael Binetti, and analyst at UBS Securities, cotton products account for $12 billion of the $15 billion active sportswear market in the U.S.Cotton is popular because of its feel and the ability to wear it in casual settings.

On the heels of the release, Under Armour rose 8.9 percent, $4.80, to $58.68 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. Shares have almost doubled in the last year.

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BMW Sales Increased In 2010

Posted by on Monday, 10 January, 2011

MINI Cooper S Cabriolet

 – Sales for BMW AG rose last year, with the company’s third largest market, China, up by 86.7%. Sales in the U.S., BMW’s second biggest market, were up 9.9% for the year. And in BMW’s largest world market, Germany, combined sales for the year were up 3.1%. Overall, sales of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce cars were up 13.6%.

The total cars sold were 1.46 million, up from 1.29 million the year before. Of the total sales in 2010, the core BMW brand sold more than 1.22 million. This was a gain of 14.6% over 2009. Sales of Mini autos rose 8.1%, and Rolls-Royce showed higher sales than any of the previous seven years since BMW took over the brand, with a 171% increase.

BMW board member Ian Robertson said that he expects in 2011 sales will exceed 1.5 million, which would again break records.

In a statement today, Robertson said, “While we closely watch some ongoing economic uncertainties throughout the world, we are certain to continue benefiting from our young model line-up and the ability of new vehicles such as BMW’s 5 series, X3 and X1 and the Mini Countryman.”

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Germany’s Economy Showing Signs Of Strength For New Year

Posted by on Friday, 7 January, 2011

Germany is part of a monetary union, the Eurozone (dark blue), and of the EU single market.

 – German officials stated today that its economy is likely to continue its trend of strong growth in 2011. Despite a slight downturn in November, the biggest economy in Europe is showing no signs of instability. Imports for the country have reached a record high, and the number two exporter in the world isn’t expected to slow down industrial output or retail sales.

“Given a strong level of orders, the trend (higher in industrial output) should continue in the coming months,” German analysts stated.

Official data released on Thursday shows that industrial orders were five times higher than forecasts in November because the global demand for German chemicals, machine tools and vehicles is strong and steady. The numbers from November shows that imports were at the highest level since Germany started collecting data on its foreign trade in 1950.

According to analyst Frank Engels of Barclays Capital, German retail sales numbers can be highly volatile and “should be taken with a grain of salt.” Several other international analysts have expressed concern that the strong numbers won’t continue, with one commenting, “unless eurozone domestic spending begins to pick up, growth may begin to falter later in the year.”

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Sony’s TV Sales Not Likely To Meet Goal for Fiscal Year

Posted by on Saturday, 18 December, 2010

Sony KDL-S19A10 - Photo By Qurren

 – Hiroshi Yoshioka, the president of Sony’s consumer products and devices group, has indicated that the company may not reach it’s goal of selling 25 million LCD television sets by the end of the fiscal year on March 31, 2011.

“In order for us to get a profit, we have to increase the number of TV’s sold,” he told reporters. He didn’t relay how Sony plans on doing this, or if they have a plan.

Because the industry has shifted from cathode-ray tube technology to flat liquid crystal displays, the TV units that Sony wants to increase sales of have actually fallen. The unit has lost money for the last six years, and will likely see losses again this year. Sony considers one of its biggest challenges to be able to generate a solid profit from it’s TV business.

Yoshioka said that year end holiday sales are proceeding as forecast. The numbers are led by very good sales in emerging markets.

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