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Apple Stocks Rise

Posted by on Monday, 3 January, 2011

 – In May, 2010, Apple was finally valued at more than it’s rival Microsoft. And despite news today that Facebook has received $500 million in funds from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies of Russia, bringing it’s estimated value to $50 billion, Apple is still worth approximately 6 times as much as Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Steve Jobs’ brainchild has a market value of $302.47 billion. The new value was caused by a significant gain in Apple shares. They reached an astonishing high of $329.75 today. The price of shares for the computer giant is due largely to the success of the iPad and iPhone 4 last year.

The 2% rise in stock value brings Apple closer to overtaking it’s only remaining rival, Exxon Mobil, valued at $376 billion. At the rate that Apple shares are moving, some experts predict this could happen by 2012. Others don’t forecast it will happen that soon, citing Exxon’s growth is not expected to slow down at all thanks to stable oil prices.

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Chinese Toy Company Stopped From Selling Steve Jobs Toy

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 November, 2010

Steve Jobs - Photo By: Matthew Yohe

 – Today, The Chinese toy company named M.I.C. Gadget was notified by Apple to stop selling a Steve Jobs Toy because of trademark violations.

M.I.C Gadget managed to sell out of their first batch of 300 Steve Jobs Toys for $80 each.  Before they were able to bring out a second batch to the market, they were stopped by Apple’s lawyers.

The toy is four inches tall and made of plastic. It features Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc.,  in blue jeans, sneakers, and a black shirt.  The toy looks similar to the photo of Steve Jobs in the above photo and even has him  holding an iPhone in his left hand. They even went into the detail of  adding his signature rimless glasses and male pattern baldness.

Most of the attention to this toy was brought about by many websites and blogs that talked about the way the toy was holding the iPhone.  It was being gripped in a way that supposedly causes signal losses on the iPhone 4.

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